Juggling the terrifying physics of atoms and the mysteries of immunity on the space station

Jongler entre la physique effrayante des atomes et les mystères de l'immunité sur la Station spatiale

The first rays of sunlight pass through Earth’s atmosphere in this photo taken from the International Space Station as it orbits 264 miles above the Pacific Ocean northwest of New Zealand. Credit: NASA Ultracold space physics and immunity research were the main scientific objectives on board International Space Station (ISS) on Monday, November 27. Expedition … Read more

New research: higher education linked to increased risk of depression and anxiety

Depressed Young Woman

University students in England have a slightly increased risk of depression and anxiety compared to their non-studying peers, a new study shows. However, this difference disappears at the age of 25. The research, which analyzes mental health data from two longitudinal studies, highlights the need for further investigation into the causes and potential interventions for … Read more

Consumption – The Bourgeois family opened Le Cot’s in the Interives district, bringing traditional cuisine and entertainment

La famille Bourgeois a ouvert Le Cot

From November 16, 2023, this restaurant is located on the ground floor of the Cité Volia building and overlooks Place Rivierre-Casalis. In this space open from the morning, at 8 o’clock, it is possible to extend working days and evenings, Friday and Saturday. Morgan Bourgeois is at the front desk. Stéphane, the dad, takes care … Read more

The Webb Space Telescope reveals the atmospheric effects of CO2 on Earth and exoplanets

Earth and Exoplanet

The research team used the James Webb Space Telescope to examine the impact of rising CO2 on Earth and exoplanets. Their research found that CO2 additions cause more warming in areas without direct sunlight, thus affecting the global circulation. This phenomenon is consistent on both Earth and TRAPPIST-1e, highlighting the importance of understanding greenhouse gases … Read more

Your home – How to renovate a tiled worktop in your kitchen? We tell you everything

Comment rénover le plan de travail en carrelage de votre cuisine ? On vous dit tout

More modern, more practical, prettier or just for repair… Do you want to renovate the tiled worktop in your furnished kitchen? We will tell you how to do it without having to do big and expensive work. Refurbishing a tiled worktop without cutting into the material? Feasible provided that you follow certain steps and choose … Read more

Cosmic mystery solved? Extreme stars may hold the key to mysterious radio bursts

Magnetar Magnetic Field Radio Wave Emissions

Scientists have discovered a universal scaling law in neutron stars, including magnetars, that could explain the mysterious fast radio bursts (FRBs). By studying the substructure of their radio emission, they found a common feature in their rotation periods that improved our understanding of these celestial phenomena. Universal relation for pulsars, magnetars and potentially fast radio … Read more

CRISPR’s hidden treasures: 188 new systems revealed by a smart algorithm

New Rare CRISPR Systems in Bacterial Genomes

Researchers from MIT, the Broad Institute, and the National Institutes of Health developed a new search algorithm that identified 188 types of rare new CRISPR systems in bacterial genomes. Credit: Broad Institute By analyzing bacterial data, researchers have discovered thousands of rare new CRISPR systems with different functions and could enable gene editing, diagnostics and … Read more

Kevin McCarthy reveals a new level of embarrassment by claiming that America never gained ground through war

Kevin McCarthy révèle un nouveau niveau d'embarras en affirmant que l'Amérique n'a jamais acquis de terres par la guerre

Former Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy he’s said and done a lot of extremely interesting things over the past few years, including but not limited to: Traveling to Mar-a-Lago to kiss Donald Trump‘s ring just weeks after he condemned the former president for failing to condemn the rioters who attacked the Capitol on January … Read more

Let’s stop treating polls like real news events

Arrêtons de traiter les sondages comme de véritables événements d'actualité

Pick up a newspaper, turn on cable news, click on Drudge, or listen to a podcast and you’ll come across a few poll stories. Did you know that Joe Biden are the polls bad? Did you know that Americans are deeply dissatisfied with the economy despite its very good indicators? Did you know that Biden’s … Read more